about us

CLEANing ‘n’ more is a cleaning, hygiene and utility company on the environmental landscape of Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria. We are a company whose super-ordinate aim is utmost customer satisfaction by continuously improving upon our operations to make them cost-effective.

C ‘n’ m, a company of youthful existence, is committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers (firms, Industries etc.), the community and even our competitors in the industry, who we perceive as partners in the business of eradicating wastes for a sanitized Future Nigeria.

The company’s success is propelled by competent staff led by the Chief PuritizerTM – Abisola Alma Richard-Ogbomo who has a postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management from King’s College, London and a diploma from the British Institute of Cleaning Science, United Kingdom.

Recent surveys have indicated that the quantity of waste generated in the Nigerian society would lead to an unbearable amount of tonnes by 2021.

We at CLEANing ‘n’ more understand the need for an extremely clean, office, house and general environment. With this insight, we are able to efficiently and effectively provide our clientele with the benefit of a clean surrounding.

We are ready to partner with individuals and corporate bodies to eradicate all forms of solid wastes and hazardous materials that have become sources of environmental degradation in the Nigerian environment.

  • To reduce the waves of environmental degradation in the Nigerian society, and as a result provide our clients with the benefit of a clean environment.

  • We intend to effectively and efficiently provide the needed cleaning service that would enable our clientele achieve highest production within its functional environment.

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